Client Testimonials

"When I start working with Clara I had just come home from a trip in New Zealand. Before I went, I thought I wanted to be extra thin for my trip and restrict myself so I could indulge there. Well, while I was there I was eating out a lot and trying new foods. I came home and felt stuck and upset with myself.  I lived my life before hand In a low calorie diet and would once in awhile go on a binge but this wasn’t sustainable for me anymore.  I would do long cardio sessions and once in awhile pick up weights. Clara taught me how to properly fuel my body and fuel my workouts. She taught me how to push myself. I remember when she gave me my first meal plan with 1700 calories I was in shock that I got to eat that much, and yummy foods. I trusted her and I have come so far mentally and have noticed positive changes in my body. I learnt so much of your mental health starts with nutrition. I continue to use Clara’s methods in my training even though we are know longer working together. She is a inspiration and I enjoy bumping into her at the gym every once in awhile. I have and I will continue to recommend Clara to others."

-Anonymous 16 Week Online Program Client

"I have completed 2 phases of Clara's 4-week online training program, as well as her recent 8 week muscle building challenge. Throughout my journey with Clara, she has lit up my previous passion for fitness and a new found love for the gym. I am much more confident in myself than I ever have been before! She has given me the tools to understanding that self-love is the first stepping-stone to success in many avenues of life. Before I started with Clara, I was in a major slump at the gym with trying to get myself back to where I was prior to an injury which was caused by a car accident. Clara has always had an answer to all of my questions at any point throughout our journey. I would recommend her to anyone! "

-Anonymous 4 Week Training + 8 Week Muscle Building Client

"Working with Clara was an amazing experience, she really listened to what I wanted to achieve and designed / adjusted a meal plan to fit my goals throughout the 3 months that we worked together. She never made me feel silly for asking certain questions, she was nothing but encouraging and supportive in all aspects of my well being. I knew I could text her at any time and she would reply with the exact information that I was looking for. I grew so much in my journey with Clara; physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Before I started working with Clara, I was bored and just going through the motions. Recently retiring as a competitive athlete, I felt lost, I did not have the strict structure that I was used to for so many years. I was not happy with my body; feeling sluggish all the time, majorly self conscious, and not comfortable in my own skin. Clara gave me a meal plan that was maintainable and easy to follow. Months after working with Clara, I am still able o follow my plan, with some changes, and I have continued to make progress. Although, I shouldn’t say “meal plan” - Clara taught how to live my life and still stay on track. 


I cannot thank Clara enough for all the support and encouragement she has given me. She helped me find my confidence again. There was never a moment that I regretted my decision to work with Clara, and I was truly sad when our time had come to an end. I would love to work with her again in the future and would recommend her to anyone - at any stage in their lives."

-Anonymous Nutrition Client

"Working with Clara was such a great experience. I learned a lot, and she covered everything I had in mind.

For me the most helpful part of working with Clara was learning about nutrition. Learning how to track my macros and portion sizes was my main goal in working with her, and I feel like I finished feeling confident.

I had been going to the gym for about 3 years before approaching Clara. I felt pretty good in the gym, but found myself doing a lot of the same exercises and workouts. I felt like I needed some new variety and was interested in learning more about nutrition.

Post working with Clara, I feel so refreshed inside the gym. I did both in-person training as well as online training. I loved working in person with Clara because she always explains the exercises, not just proper form and how to perform them but what muscles it’s working, etc. as well. I also enjoyed incorporating tempos into my workouts to really feel the muscle working. I loved the online training as well, because she continued to include new exercises in my plans to keep things different.

 It took me a long time to decide whether or not to message Clara, but I’m so glad I did. Clara was helpful in suggesting what program would be best suited for me. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience since I started with her. Happy to say that I gained not only a mentor, but a friend in the process"

-Anonymous In Person and 8 Week Online Training and Nutrition Client

"Working with Clara for the past 4 months has been so inspiring. Not just what she has taught me about fitness and nutrition but also self esteem and self worth. I not only feel better about myself and my body but mentally as well. 

The muscle building challenge helped me not be so hard on myself if I miss a day or I didn't stick to my meal plan exactly, because everyone else is making mistakes too. It was sooo refreshing to see other people's shortfalls AND see them crush their goals, we are all human! I loved that part. 

If anyone was curious about this program I would say do it!! I was a wee bit skeptical and didn't know what to expect but even after having to take 2 weeks off right off the bat for a surgery I still benefited from it AND loved it! ( Well, maybe not the leg days haha) 

Thank you so much for everything!!"

-Anonymous 8 Week Training and Nutrition and 8 Muscle Building Challenge Client

"I've been going to the gym for 20+ years and I've worked with trainers here and there if I've taken a break from the gym or needed a fresh perspective. Over the past few years, I had been thinking about doing a bikini fitness competition. It seemed like a "far off" goal, maybe too lofty for me. After seeing a Facebook post of Clara's in November I decided to contact her and inquire about whether or not it was a realistic goal. A phone consult later, and we started our first 8-weeks together, increasing my calories and going strong in the gym. After that, Clara took me through a 16-week prep and posing practice to prepare for the stage in May. I was incredibly proud and confident with my body, my mind, and the journey I'd been on for the past 24-weeks when I stepped on stage. I firmly believe I would never have made it to the stage without Clara's incredible coaching. 


Clara is motivating, knowledgeable, empathic, and balanced. I always felt 100% supported, and Clara always took the time to carefully answer each and every question I had. Clara kept me accountable and motivated throughout my prep, which is no small feat in itself. There were times I felt discouraged, and Clara always came to the rescue with very specific and practical advice and tweaks in either the program or nutrition that made an enormous difference in my outcome. Clara's passion for health and fitness, and her personal excitement for me and my successes were palpable and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, either in-person or online. Working with Clara has given me the gift of believing that anything is possible with the right tools and knowledge (and coach!!) and I am forever grateful for that!!"

-24 Week Bikini Competition Client

"Working with Clara was one of the best decisions / investments I’ve made in years. I’m a full time work from home / stay at home mom. She created a work out routine that was easy to stick to and could be done completely at home. The meal plan she gave to me was a large increase in food compared to what I had been previously eating. Since Clara doesn’t put any food ‘off limits’, I never felt restricted or felt the need to binge on junk. Clara helped me get back to a level of health and fitness I haven’t been at in years. But the most rewarding part of working with Clara is that she makes the mental portion of health a huge priority. She’s taught me how to have a healthy relationship with food and how to use it to fuel my body. I would reccomend Clara to my closest friends and family without hesitation,"

-Anonymous Online Client (Custom Program and Challenges)

Working with Clara was a fantastic journey. It was the most positive experience I've EVER had when it came to fitness and heathy eating. I did a 12 week lifestyle program with her and surpassed any and all goals I could have possibly set for myself with her guidance and motivation. She made me a stronger woman physically, but more importantly - mentally. I have so much more confidence now inside and outside of the gym. Now that I know what to do when I get to the gym I feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile. As for outside the gym, Clara taught me how to look after myself and properly fuel my body. She also taught me about balance and consistency and how to still enjoy life while following this new lifestyle. I can't thank her enough for what she's done for me.  I am so much happier and healthier and I couldn't have done it without her coaching. Her positive attitude is infectious and she has totally found her calling within the fitness industry! If you're looking for a coach who will motivate you, guide you, and encourage you even when you feel a little off beat that day/week, Clara is your girl! 

-16 Week Online Client

Working with Clara was great! I learned so much about prioritizing, loving myself and embracing the lifestyle. Clara is so patient and encouraging throughout the whole experience. 


The most helpful part was Clara of course. She checks on you every couple of days, she answers questions any time of the day, she helps when you want to eat out, she even lifts you up when you feel you’ve “cheated” or missed a couple of workouts. 


Before working with Clara, I was in and out of fitness routines, I had no accountability, and I honestly just did not think I could accomplish the body I wanted. 


I worked with Clara for her 8 week custom program. I’ve been out of her program for 4ish weeks and I’m maintaining everything I learned. I’ve learned to hold myself accountable. I maintain the gym regularly & still use Clara’s workouts. I’m living my best life and absolutely loving my body! 


If you’re unsure if working with Clara is for you, I’m hear to tell you to give it a shot. You have absolutely nothing to loose and everything to gain. Clara is awesome at what she does. Clara goes above and beyond to help you meet your goals. She honestly helps you become your best  self. Plus she’s mega inspirational xo 

-8 Week Online Client

This was my first experience working with a coach and so I really did not know what to expect.   What I received (and what I never expected) was not only a coach, but also a mentor who made herself available 24/7.  I never expected someone to CARE about my results in such a genuine way, nor did I expect someone who clearly went out of her way to check in with me on a regular basis...even AFTER our time together ended.  Life gets busy, and this is one of the reasons I hired a coach in the first place.  I needed to step up my game (which I thought wasn't too bad).  Clara made me realize that the ability to grow and learn about fitness is never ending.  She motivated me to train harder, to train smarter, to eat better, and to live healthier.  She helped me gain results that I didn't know how to achieve on my own.  I'm a full time business owner and mother of three active kids. You can't put a value on this.  Even if I take breaks between programs, I know I'll be working with Clara for many years to come!

-8 Week Online and In Person Client


I did a 24 week prep in to a bikini competition with Clara. She took the time before creating my plan to understand what my goals were, my lifestyle, body image, inner narrative, and relationship with food.

She was incredibly thorough, supportive, knowledgeable, and my transformation over the 24 weeks of working with Clara is absolutely INSANE (prep is extreme but I’ve heard countless times from other professionals that my transformation for first time competitor was next level).

I would recommend Clara to anyone looking for lifestyle or competition training and I’m super hyped about my own progress with her moving forward as well !

-24 Week Online Competition Prep Client


Working with Clara for 8 weeks was just so amazing. She is a fireball of energy and passion and she really makes you want to be the best version of you there is.  She is always so genuine and kind- always so encouraging and motivating.  I just love her heart, personality and obviously that gorgeous face of hers.  

Working with Clara taught me so much, like how I wasn't getting enough protein (yay I get to eat more!) I have a home gym and she customized all of my workouts to the equipment I had at home and I had the best pumps and workouts that I haven't had in years.   Before I started working with Clara I was 2 months postpartum after my third baby- I felt unmotivated and was too tired to even try to think of a routine for myself.  I would sit in my gym, do a couple workouts, felt overwhelmed and would quit because I felt stuck.  Working with Clara gave me knowledge to push myself, fuel properly and how to be confident in the gym with my workouts.  She took all the brain work out of the way for me, gave me a plan, answered all my questions constantly, helped me achieve my goals, and held me accountable to get there!  Not only did I feel incredible supported, but I also feel like I gained a friend.  I am now much more aware of my habits, I have a better understanding of food and have some pretty amazing workout routines under my belt.  I feel healthy and strong and I will only continue to move forward in my fitness journey because I plan on being the happiest and healthiest version of myself.  I'm a busy mom of 3 all under the age of 4 years old- if I can do it then anyone can (for real!)  Clara helped guide me to be kind to myself when in my head I wanted to achieve perfection (working out 7 days a week and have a perfect diet lol) if I couldn't do that then I basically wanted to give up hahah. Instead she helped reach me at where I was at, helped find what is realistic for me, helped me enjoy my life to the fullest and still achieve amazing results.  I was far from perfect during these 8 weeks and still saw wonderful results, it's about progress not perfection and I'm so glad she got me back on track to feeling myself again.  

I would recommend anyone to work with this lovely human being! If you want more knowledge, if you are feeling stuck, need accountability or just want someone to do all the brain work and just follow what they say and see results.... then Clara is your girl.

-8 Week Custom Online and Training Client

12 Week Transformation.jpg

Clara’s positivity and dedication was the most beneficial part of working together. There are many coaches who can just throw numbers at you and workouts but Clara is DEDICATED to your success. She checks in with you lots and always happy to answer a question. You can’t help but absorb her positive energy and bring it into your own life. I went from binging and beating myself up for days to being in control and not sweating the days or weeks I wasn’t “perfect”.


I was so unbelievably lost before working with Clara. It actually breaks my hearts when I look back and remember just exactly why I reached out. I remember waking up one day, looking in the mirror and feeling so sad. I was so unhappy in my skin for the first time in my life. I was frustrated that “eating healthy” or what I thought was “eating healthy” wasn’t making an impact on my physical appearance, frustrated that my workouts weren’t proving to be effective in the gym. Angry at myself for having these horrible thoughts about my own body. I felt so out of control. 

Working with Clara flipped a switch in my brain. I don’t look at myself the same way. I look at myself with love and happiness. Most importantly I’m proud of myself. When was the last time you were proud of yourself? Working with Clara has given me the tools to be proud of myself everyday. I feel in control. I’m more motivated then ever to continue pushing myself to reach all of my goals. 

JUST DO IT. Get your butt to her online coaching application form. I went back and forth for MONTHS! Always coming up with an excuse why now wasn’t a good time to work with Clara. “Oh I have a wedding coming up I want to drink at”. “It’s summer time and I just want to let loose”. There is never a good time to get out of toxic relationship (with your bad eating habits) but you’ll feel so much better when you do.  My only regret is not working with Clara sooner. She makes things so achievable. I was still able to enjoy the foods I love and a glass of wine occasionally. It was obviously an adjustment from how I was eating and working out before but everything has a purpose and Clara has taught me preparation is key. Her support is unwavering and she on your side through every single high and every single low. Working with Clara was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I can’t thank her enough.

-12 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


I just finished an 8 week program with Clara. Let’s just start by saying, I don’t think you are going to find a more positive and motivating coach out there. She is always there to put a smile on your face and to keep you pushing that extra little bit every week to get those awesome words of achievement ever Saturday from her. I’ve know Clara since as long as I can remember we grow up in the same small town and we hung out in the same group of people. So I can truly say, how she seems on all her posts and stories. That’s really her, she’s not trying to win you over like some other trainers, if the world had more people in it like Clara it would be a wonderful place to live.

As a male I know it can be hard to listen to people on health issues training or just anything in general. But if you just put your ego aside and listen to someone that knows what they are talking about as Clara does. You will be amazed at what your body will be able to do for you. So guys if your thinking about using Clara for a coach, JUST DO IT. Stop making excuses.

Before I started working with Clara I could see myself slipping into a rut. Working a 12 logging job then getting back into camp and just sitting there watching tv and eating. Just going through the motions. My fiancé and I wanted to start this Journey together in losing some weight and felling better. So we started talking to Clara and a couple weeks later we started her program. Me working away in camp is hard can be depressing and hard at times, but with this program it made the time easier.

I have a set of adjustable dumbbells exercise bands and a stationary bike in camp. My workout area in my bedroom in camp. A 8x8 room with a twin size bed in it. So there isn’t a lot of from in it. But Clara knew what I had to work with and she made a program that would work great for the shape that I had. So don’t make excuses people if you don’t have the time or the space. I worked at 12hour job came back and worked out in a 8x8 box and worked.

I wasn’t to terribly out of shape so I thought. But I had lost muscle and replaced it with fat. I STARTED AT 184 pounds 38inch chest 35inch waist and 37inch butt. I was trying to lose fat but gain lean muscle at the same time so we weren’t really worrying about the scales as much because I would be gaining muscle mass as well as losing fat. I FINISHED AT 172 pounds 40chest 31inch waist 39.5inch butt. So I lost 12 pounds all together but gained 2 inches in my chest and butt of muscle! And lost 4inches of fat in my stomach. Clara knows what she is doing people.

I didn’t know much about tracking your macros until Clara introduced them to me. And holy does that ever work wonders. Knowing what and how much protein fats and carbs your body needs to perform at its best ability. I always didn’t realize how much working out has on your mental abilities as well. I used to be a Pro baseball player until I got hurt and had to give that but. After that I used to have a mental block about working out and used to get depressed about things. But with this program Clara opened my eyes into a whole in way of thinking about my body. My mind really has been a lot more free since starting this my stress level is at an all time low and my depression has seemed to go away. I always had a really hard time sleeping before. But during the program i started seeing improvement in my sleeps and it just has been getting better and better. The more I work out and better I eat I whole body has just gotten better.

Clara has helped me set new goals and helped me reach them. And each week we do it again and again. If your willing to give her your time and effort she will give you her wisdom. And with both of your hard work and her positive coaching style you will be hitting your soaring past your goals like you never imagined you could.

So if your looking for that perfect coach for you or someone you know. Look no further then her. Clara is your lady. You will started will a coach and end with a long life friend

-8 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


Being a fellow professional in the health and fitness world (Athletic Therapist), I have always been very stand-off to ask for help in improving my own health and fitness. Although I am an expert at dealing with musculoskeletal injuries and imbalances, I am no nutritional expert, especially when it comes to losing weight. Sure I could have sat down, pulled out my old nutrition textbooks and created a plan, written up my own workout regimen, but would I have been as successful at this point in time? The answer is absolutely not! I really needed that external source to motivate me, and feel accountable to along the way.

I am at a very busy point in my life. I’m currently work three jobs, one being running my own private practice, and all three can have very sporadic schedules. On top of that, I started a Master’s degree in September, and am planning my wedding for next August. To say the least, I had fallen into another rut of being so busy that I stopped prioritizing my own physical and mental health. 

I have always had an athletic build, as I was a national level gymnast, and premier dancer. Looking in the mirror and seeing abs and muscle definition was generally the norm growing up, so you can imagine how falling “out of shape” would make me feel. 

I have yo-yo’d over the past several years in and out of feeling like myself fitness wise, but I was really struggling to stay consistent for more than a few months at a time. My fiancé and I decided that we wanted to be in the best shape of our lives for our wedding next summer, so we reached out to a childhood friend of his, Clara.

The past 8 weeks were no ride in the park. They were tough, I even suffered the loss of my grandma. Something like that would normally cause me to spiral back into unhealthy habits, but having Clara by my side allowed me to keep working towards my goals.

I am so very thankful that I put my ego aside and reached out to Clara. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, having someone to check in with is so beneficial! She is very knowledgeable, kindhearted, and motivating. She cares about her clients on a personal level, checking in constantly and always being there for a chat. She also cares for clients’ physical well-being, creating both workout and nutrition plans that are optimal for the musculoskeletal system. 💪🏻

I am definitely on a high right now. I am feeling extremely motivated and confident with myself. I’m not sure what the future has in store for me in the fitness world (👙🤔), but you better believe I am going to be looking and feeling my absolute best for my wedding day! 

I look forward to working with Clara again in the near future, but for now she has reignited my love for my personal health and fitness. I am going to scaffold on what I’ve accomplished the past 8 weeks, and continue to push myself to reach my goals. ❤️

-8 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


I just finished a 12 week custom nutrition and training program with Clara Shipp Fitness. I always wanted to hire a personal trainer and so for my 50th Birthday my husband asked me what I wanted and I told him I wanted to do this with Clara Shipp. 

I have always been active and enjoyed learning about health and fitness. Unfortunately not everything you read or see is true. I did eat healthy, just not enough, especially CARBS. I also exercised a lot. I love to exercise so that wasn’t a bad thing but I was hangry a lot and exhausted in the evening. When I started working with Clara I noticed a change almost immediately in how I felt. I had more energy and was in a better mood. I was shocked at the amount of carbs she was telling me to eat and week after week the amount kept going up and I WAS LOSING WEIGHT and INCHES. Was it a lot of work? Yes. But as everyone knows, anything worth having in life takes work to achieve. There is meal planning which is critical and time management to get in the workouts which are tough. But like they say, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And it challenged me but I freakin loved it. I loved how strong I was feeling and content after meals. I was (am) fitting treats daily into my diet. I am eating carbs like I never did before, and when I say carbs it’s not just fruit and vegetables, it’s healthy breads, rice, potatoes, pasta (all the things I used to read about to avoid or eat very little of). During this 12 weeks I also went on vacation for a week to Mexico. Obviously I wasn’t going to be able to track everything I was eating and her advice to me was to watch my portions, how things are cooked, but most importantly to not stress about it and enjoy my time with my family. I actually lost weight that week!

I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. She is so supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and just so REAL. She really cares about YOU! In the 12 weeks I was provided with different weight training exercises every month, as well as cardio and she adjusted my macros weekly. It was custom tailored to exactly what my body needed. She really, really knows what she is doing. You have to trust her and trust the process which is not an easy thing when it’s your health you are talking about. I am now exercising less and eating a lot more than what I was 3 months ago. I have lost 15 pounds and 12 inches in 12 weeks and I feel better than I did 20 years ago. I learned so much from her about proper nutrition and exercise. I know I will be able to take what she has taught me and use it toward future goals. So many people have been asking me about this program and telling me how great I look and I tell them it’s the best thing I have ever done for myself and the best money I have ever spent. And ... like Shippy says “the best project you’ll ever work on is you” which couldn’t be more true!

-12 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


Clara was very patient and motivating to work with. She was always positive, but tough when she needed to be. Before I started with Clara I was attending the gym regularly and thought I was doing the right things, but I was not seeing results. She took my goals that I set, and steered me in the right direction to not only achieve them, but to exceed them. I am feeling 100x more confident with my body, and I feel healthy. Which is such an amazing feeling. If anyone is considering having Clara as their coach I highly recommend her. It was a great journey and I look forward to continuing on with what she has taught me!

-16 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


"Before the program I was very focused on losing weight but I felt very lost and was tired of always dieting and restricting myself. Working with Clara was probably the best decision and investment in myself I’ve ever made.

At the beginning, she listened and asked a lot of questions and was very thorough with assessing my goals, current physical abilities and diet. She sent me a meal plan and video-guided workouts which helped me a lot during my first four weeks. Right away I noticed such a huge difference in the way I felt and looked: I was never hungry, ate delicious home cooked meals, felt so energetic, loved my workouts, and slept like a baby! It only got better from there because Clara taught me how to count macros and adjusted them weekly based on my progress and needs. I was even able to enjoy my vacation without restrictions and still make progress.

Clara is everything you are looking for in a coach. She is so supportive, motivating, positive, empowering and knowledgeable. She was always there when I needed her and was so real about it. I wasn’t 100% perfect during my program but she taught me that I don’t have to be always perfect to make a sustainable, long-term progress. I think that was the most important thing I took away from this experience. She has totally changed my mindset and the way I view myself. I have also lost over 20lbs, gained muscle and have never felt so confident and strong in my life!"

-12 Week Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client


Well where to start! I can’t say enough good things about Clara and if I were to try and list all the reasons why she’s a coach you should hire I would exceed the amount of characters.

My background growing up was athletic, from national level boxing to full time competitive dance. When I was in my early adult years I was involved in an accident that put a halt on my boxing dreams and that’s when I started spiralling. I also realized later on I had some suppressed trauma I hadn’t dealt with and I was intern becoming a pretty negative person to be around.

I contacted Clara when I was pretty much at a low and not my heaviest of 206lbs but 146lbs and wanting a change or a challenge. She right off the bat wanted to have a chat on the phone and I already knew she was legit because anyone can hire a coach and say “Hey I wanna jump into a 6 month commitment and pay you for it” but it takes a caring coach to give you a call and see if you are the right fit and if you are MENTALLY ready for the sacrifices it comes with.

We set a goal in October 2018 to compete in the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic in March 2019 and there the relationship began. She’s been with me through ups and downs, cheering on my wins and being a pair of ears when I wasn’t having the greatest week. She never sugar coated the process and kept me grounded about worries. I can say I was headed down a pretty dark path and in so many ways saved me. I LOVE her and what she stands for. Clara doesn’t just want to see you success physically but she wants you living your best life. I would recommend her to anyone and I already have! Invest in someone who cares about you long term ❤️ always do it #shippystyle

-Custom Online Training and Nutrition Client and Competition Prep Client