Why I WON'T be launching a "New Years Challenge"

In the last few weeks I have had MANY people (clients, friends, family) ask me if I am "getting ready" for the "New Years Resolutioners". With January 1st just around the corner...many people decide to take their health and fitness more seriously.

BUT...why January 1st?

Well...most people will be spending time with friends and family this Christmas. Indulging in drinks, desserts, dinners. With Christmas parties, family gatherings, vacations...it can be easy to fall "off track" in December. Easy to fall off track if your fitness routine is rigid, un flexible, and restricted, that is.

Here's the thing...

Fitness is all about your MINDSET...

If you it in your head that everything surrounding Christmas is "BAD" or "UNHEALTHY"...chances are you are going to call the holiday season a write-off.

You may have already signed up for a "New Years Challenge". Paid to reserve your spot. Have it in your mind that starting January 1st...EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE!


Do you just overindulge, under exercise, and use the holiday season as an excuse to forget about your health and wellness? Tell yourself "I'm starting my New Years Challenge January 1st so I can do whatever I want until then"?. You may even find yourself eating/drinking MORE than you normally would...because in the back of your mind you know that come January 1st you won't be "allowed" to indulge anymore.

As a personal trainer, I preach to my clients that fitness isn't about extremes. It isn't about restriction. That living a healthy lifestyle is something you can do YEAR-ROUND. That food is NOT the enemy. That there is no better time than NOW to start working on the best version of yourself.

For this reason, I think it would be rather hypocritical for me to launch a "New Years Challenge". I understand that might sound silly...since this is the busiest time of year for personal trainers and gyms.

BUT, I am confident in my programs. I am confident that through mindset coaching, proper nutrition and training, and time spent working with me...my clients learn not to SLEEP ON THEIR GOALS.

It's very possible to stay on track during the holidays. While still enjoying time with friends and family. WITHOUT having to bring your own "tupperware" containers of food to Christmas dinner. It's all about having the foundation of knowledge to be able to make SMART choices.

B A L A N C E.

It's something that people will always strive for.

In my opinion (which, is only an opinion)...I think that as long as people keep putting dates on their health and wellness..they will never find balance. They will never find something that they can maintain 365 days a year. Committing to a challenge is GREAT! Don't get me wrong...I am all for people wanting to better themselves. But I don't think that January 1st has to be THE DAY.

I think TODAY is just as great!

I applaud the clients I have that are signing up for programs BEFORE Christmas.

Getting a head start on their 2018.

They want to LEARN how to enjoy the holidays GUILT FREE.

And understand that they are WORTH IT.

So, to answer the question I have been asked many times.


I will not be launching a New Years Challenge.

I take EVERY DAY as an opportunity to better myself.

AND, I give my clients the tools and knowledge to do the same!




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