The BEST Diet!

I heard a quote the other day that really resonated with me. It went something like this...

"The BEST DIET is the one you don't know you're on"

How TRUE is this? I always preach that consistency is KEY in any routine in order to be able to see sustainable and maintainable success.

I get it. There are a TON of "diets" out there. Low-carb, low-fat, keto, gluten free, paleo, detoxes, cleanses, intermittent fasting...the list goes on! Keep in mind that some people do need to follow certain ways of eating based on their health...I am referring more to the "mental aspect" of dieting.

What DIET will help you see LONG TERM results?

Whatever one YOU don't feel RESTRICTED or DEPRIVED on.

I see it all too often. People decide that now is the TIME to shed their unwanted body fat and make a lifestyle change. In a society where we want everything "NOW"...people tend to look for that "quick-fix". Whatever will get them results FASTEST.

How many times have you started a diet only to find that 2 weeks're mind starts to stray? You start to revert back to old habits? Your cravings start to kick in...and you want to "cheat"?

Some people will spend their ENTIRE lives dieting. They will jump from fad diet to fad diet..always looking for that "quick fix" but always failing. How MISERABLE does that sound?

Personally...dieting is NOT fun for me. And in my opinion as a SHOULD NOT have to diet YEAR ROUND.

What many people struggle with is the notion of LONGEVITY. Of losing the weight that they want to and then KEEPING IT OFF.

Because...if you feel RESTRICTED or DEPRIVED...there is always going to be a point where you eventually "crack". Where you can't handle your diet anymore and you "cheat".

This is all too common in bodybuilding competitors. They begin prep and begin labelling foods "good" vs. "bad". Then...for the next however many weeks their prep is...they obsess over the foods that they "CAN'T HAVE". The show comes and goes and what happens? A lot of the times...competitors begin struggling with "binging". They have deprived themselves for so long that they gorge on all of the food they mentally told themselves they couldn't have. Which then results in them gaining back ALL of their weight...sometimes even MORE! Then begins a viscous cycle.

What's my experience with all of this?

Personally, I have been there. I have been on a severely strict diet that left me feeling full of cravings and like I wasn't allowed to eat certain foods. I ate the same 8 foods for 12 week and I was on the "white fish" diet...thinking this was the only way to lose weight for a competition. After this experience the LAST thing I wanted to do was be on a MEAL PLAN. I then discovered flexible dieting, or IIFYM. This was a GAME CHANGER for me and removing those "good" and "bad" food labels really helped mend my relationship with food.

It's been just over a year of flexible dieting and tracking my food...and I am at the point now where I find it kind of tedious to put everything I eat into my app. I now have an UNDERSTANDING of what macronutrients my body needs and what foods help me perform and feel my best.

I work with my clients to show them what proper nutrition looks like. What eating 80% WHOLE, NUTRIENT dense foods looks like. How they should be filling their shopping cart and planning their meals for the week. And what about the other 20%? The other 20% is what I call your SANITY. It's the "fun foods" you may enjoy every now and then. It's the glass of wine when you're out with your friends. It's the newest flavour of Ben and Jerry's. It's the halloween candy you have leftover after the trick-or-treaters.

It's what will help you find LONGEVITY and CONSISTENCY in your routine.

It's what will help you achieve LONG-TERM, LASTING results that are SUSTAINABLE and MAINTAINABLE.

My advice? Stop looking for the latest QUICK FIX. Stop looking for the newest FAD DIET. Stop this RESTRICTION.

START looking into small changes you can make in your everyday HABITS to become a healthier, more balanced version of yourself. Start focusing on how eating properly makes you FEEL. You don't have to "DIET" to achieve results You just need to create positive change in your routine that will help you SMASH those goals in the LONG RUN!

Now, what's stopping you?


-C xoxo

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